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    rules question

    I've heard more than once and from more than one person that OEM parts are acceptable "mods" even out of their original OEM location. One example would be swapping exhaust cam w intake cam on an SV. Is having an OEM part in a different location from original, is this legal and if so can we get it written in the rulebook?

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    OEM parts must be used in the OEM locations in SUPERSTOCK classes. The only exception to this are special allowances that have been made for older machines to help them remain competitive against newer machines entering competition. Requests for special allowances must be submitted to the CMRA for approval and properly vetted before being approved.

    The above mentions SV cam mod is an example of a special allowance that has been granted.

    Moving forward we will create a list of special allowances that have been granted.
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    yes, I'm referring to SS, thanks for that clarification.

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