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Thread: Legal for 500 Superstock?

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    Manny Poulis
    I agree with the 286 rule

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    One more question about 500SS. How about aftermarket wheels as long as they are the same size? Aluminum. Not CF or Mg.

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    is a 250 super bike legal in 500 super stock race?

    Nevermind....I see that it is legal for 500. Would a 300 superbikes be legal in 500 SS?
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    respnding to Walter's post about SV cams that were "vetted, etc,etc"
    so...get it in the rulebook, along w any other special allowances or conditions, so any or old can actually see and read that rule. Otherwise, those "in the know" have the opportunity for a performance advantage others do not.

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    As the sole person racing a cbr250 in 2019 with an overbore, a couple of responses.

    For Ryan, I think the other kit is a 287. The cbr300 is actually a 287 motor. Same bore as the 250, but with a longer stroke. I agree with you that this is probably the correct mod. Partially because the 305 kit is highly unstable. I blew my motor 8 times while trying the 305. I've been running the 287 kit for a season and a half with no issues.

    For John, with either kit, the cbr250 is a truly great bike for the class. But not all because of motor. It has a good bit more torque then the Ninja, particularly in lower rpm's. As a result, it kicks the Ninja's butt out of the corners. But with either kit, its still down on hp. My latest video with Rusty is a great example - it gets pulled hard at the end of the straights, even after getting a better drive out of the corner. And at NOLA, that long front straight is a killer.

    But the true brilliance of the bike is its handling. It took me a long time to learn to ride it to it's limit, but once there, there's no other bike in the class that can hang with the WeeBR on corner entry or mid corner speed.

    Just my $0.02 now that I'm done racing it.

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    Damn it. Start your own thread.

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    I had a 305kit in my 250 a few years ago and had the same issues as Kyle. Ours would always get pulled on the straights but handled way better than the Ninjas. We didnt blow motors, but ate through clutches like they were made of paper. The clutch that broke the camels back lasted 1 practice session at Hallett before giving up.

    We picked up an R3 on the way back to Austin.

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