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Thread: Cbr500 in the 300 class

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    Manny Poulis

    Cbr500 in the 300 class

    The ulwgp class had the r3 ninja 300 cbr500 and 390 and it was very competitive.
    When the 400 hit iy outclassed everything and the class was split to the 300 and 500
    Can we allow the 500 in the 300 class ? It has been in this class for years under a dif name

    The 500 class is really just the ninja 400s now with the exception on 1 or 2 R3s that are heavily moded.

    Not sure what the names of the classes should be. I leave that to the experts but I think we can agree on the 500 running in the 300 class is no advantage.
    Also it keeps that bike alive.
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