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Thread: Year End Banquet

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    Year End Banquet

    Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but according to the ticket tracker, there are still a lot of tickets that need to be sold for the banquet to actually get funded and happen?

    If it doesnt happen, first off let me say that stinks for any award winner and second off, let me make a suggestion.

    As long as it's taken to formalize our 2020 schedule to date(know it was waiting this past weekends discussion) im sure theres no possibility to add a "awards ceremony" to it any dates to come. BUT, moving forward, can we not just have an awards ceremony on Sunday of the last race weekend? Can we not figure out how to either eliminate practice and race on Friday, or certainly abbreviate it, so we can have all day or some of the day that last Sunday? We have the entire weekend rented anyway! I know there might be some not scheduled to race that last weekend, or some may be lucky enough to wrap an award up prior to, but at least the date was know to you at years beginning. Plus, I believe it would potentially decrease cost to club, and dramatically increase participation.

    I like to dress up too...but that's between my wife and I...but I'm sure you would be allowed to dress up if you want to...just like now. I also get that we are at a track and it's not as nice, we could be relegated to an outside venue, tables/chairs, food,etc......but those are variables we could control. IF this years banquet misses its ticket sales goals and is canceled, I expect my elected board to look at alternatives. Maybe not the one I suggested, but I brought and idea along w my complaint.
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    Thanks for your input.
    Understand your frustration, however this is 100% in license holders (all of us) hands. Based on ticket sales, "we" appear to have little interest in an independent event for 2019.
    Yes, we are looking at alternatives for recognizing 2019 award winners (likely at the 1st 2020 event).

    You and I have been around a long time and have seen the banquet ebb & flow from large elaborate events to smaller more casual, back and forth.

    The only challenge with your idea is that many championships are not decided until the last weekend. Additionally, there would be zero ability to provide any personalized awards.

    Your point is well taken and we should be reviewing alternatives that are much simpler to plan and execute.
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    Thanks for responding, Harry.

    And that's pretty much my point. IF we are already scheduled to race, we'll most likely be there. An additional event is additional cost. Having the banquet so long after an event is another issue I hear, we've got Thanksgiving and Christmas to request time off, spend money and travel time.
    I get the personalized awards...but we can work around that. I can wait for a jacket. Scoring could be an issue, but only most likely if we were not caught up to begin with...but I think we do pretty good w the last event is only one requiring work. I just thought it could potentially reduce cost to club...from conventional banquet, and reduce cost to members involved.

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