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Thread: Rider coaching

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    Rider coaching

    Performance Coaching,
    By Dustin Dominguez

    After gaining a lot of good experience racing professional and regional series, Iím ready to move on to the next chapter in my racing career. I enjoy the competition and passion for racing. I want to help other racers get better and push themselves further than they think they can go both physically and mentally. I was blessed in my time riding for factory triumph to have worked with a mental coach as well as a professional crew chief with outside the box ideas. I want to provide a rider coach service that is unlike any other. More focused on mental readiness as well as perfecting your race craft! With data and knowledge of all the tracks in cmra as well as wera,mra,and motoamerica, I believe I can help anyone go faster and ride smarter on race day. This is not one on one training, more like a crewchief and personal coach in the pits going over track maps, gear selections, suspension breakdown and advise, data from aim gps data logger, and the biggest asset to racing for me, Mental help using EFT tapping.

    I will start up after Nola for the cmra rounds and can also go to trackdays with you.

    I will limit my number of customers as I want to provide a top notch service. For more info or booking contact Dustin Dominguez at or dm dustindominguez on Instagram.

    CMRA pricing-
    $100 a single race day (excluding Friday)
    $250 for the weekend (including Friday)

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    Definitely interested.
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    Thanks! I have been getting a lot of interest. I am excited and feel I have a pretty solid race day program to help anyone take their riding to the next level.

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    I worked with Dustin for one session in NOLA and took his advice from NOLA to my home track at ECR and took 3.1 second off my personal best time.... simple adjustment to my motorcycle, and riding style (that was simple) and bang! All day, I was faster than my prior best! Thanks Dustin

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    Thanks for the kind words Joel! Looking like I’ll be a hallett May 17th if anyone is interested. Hit me up! 405-626-1213

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