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Thread: FOR SALE: 2015 Yamaha R6 with spares $8500

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    FOR SALE: 2015 Yamaha R6 with spares $8500

    Hi Everyone!

    2015 Yamaha R6

    - I bought it in 2017. It was prepped for motoamerica 2016 season, but the young man that had it prepped decided to get out of racing.

    -meticulous maintenance with Steve Upchurch at RES. I am very particular about my bikes...

    -stock motor but mapped for 93 pump gas and U44 (has a map switch)- dynos at about 190 HP (totally kidding)


    -it does have a salvage title

    -Ktech fork internals- refreshed in March 2020

    -penske Triple rear shock- refreshed in June 2020

    -ohlins steering damper

    -translogic quickshifter/autoblip unit

    -highest end customer brembo master cylinder you can get- will send pictures

    -vortex clip ons

    vortex rear sets...

    -m4 full exhaust system

    -motion pro quick turn throttle

    -spare set of wheels

    -hotbodies body work with a pro paint job- I had a car painter guy paint the body work for me. It is beautiful. Black with subtle flake and white.

    -Italian superbike race seat- it is bad ***! I love it.

    -the gas tank does have a slight dent on the top- it came to me that way

    I will sell it for $8500 with the spare set of wheels that are in awesome shape- one set of wheels has stock rotors, the other set EBC race rotors, I will also throw in my rain tires that still have good use left.

    Only reason for sale is that I want a suzuki.

    Send me a message here if you are interested with your phone number.

    Thank you!

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    Open to offers for sure. Thank you! Brandie

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    Sold to a really nice guy. Thank you guys for looking. Brandie Cox

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