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Thread: 2006 SV650 Street Parts (2003 SV650 Motor)

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    2006 SV650 Street Parts (2003 SV650 Motor)

    I have the following parts from a 2006 Gen 2 SV650 (Motor is from 2003 with at least 10000 miles I presume)

    Clip-Ons with controls $40
    Throttle Bodies $20
    Foot Pegs/Rear Sets $20
    Front Brake Calipers $50
    Rear Brake Caliper $20
    Rear Subframe with both seats $75
    Airbox $20
    Chain Guard $15
    Headlight $50
    Motor $400 (Solid motor for Streetbike, Quickshifter does not work for shifts from 3rd to 4th, but use the clutch and its fine).
    Transmission $75 (May combine the Motor and Tranny for right price)

    I am located in Tulsa and will be at August Hallett MLD and September Hallett CMRA race.

    Feel free to text or call
    CMRA #119

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    I JUST purchased replacement calipers....

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    Dang Toph...I have 3 sets of spares for my SV and this set here...could have hooked you up...I have tons of spares for my racebike. If you ever need anything check with me real quick...

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    Still have all these parts...

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