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Thread: Challenges I saw at Cresson this weekend

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    Challenges I saw at Cresson this weekend

    Couple of things concerned me about riding this weekend so I thought I'd post them:
    1) Friday practice I finally got up to a decent lap w Cory B's help, but then as I was at the apex in Ricochet, I see a white, believe it was smaller 4 door car driving in the grass exactly where I could potentially go off and or low-side into. Car was driving in grass approx. 40ft off track driving opposite way of practice traffic. I assume to exit the track while it was hot, maybe?
    2) Several bikes w riders sitting on them in impact zones....for multiple laps. I'm not talking about people and bike on the ground, these people were sitting on what looked to be moveable objects....just sitting, not trying to remove themselves from impact zone. One in particular was a thrown chain outside Wagon Wheel, rider wearing prov nov shirt just sat there on the bike for probably 3-4 laps, then outrider pushed the rider and bike in. Looked like bike could have been able to roll the entire time.
    3) Green bike in the ULWE ran up pit road backwards...for a good 60-80 yards, and not slow!

    I point these out as they can certainly be avoided and these actions potentially place me(and everyone else) in a more dangerous situation than just racing.

    Derek Thomas

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    It was a very challenging weekend as a whole. While we had every corner covered with corner workers, they were only flaggers. In a perfect situation, we also have runners that could help downed riders move their bikes out of the impact zone. This was not the case this weekend.

    As an outrider, I was doing the best I could to get things pushed in and moved out of harms way as quick as I could. There were several times that we had multiple bikes go down or have other problems in a short span. We usually have 2 outriders (Ryan and I) but he had to work in Seattle.

    I, personally, will try to do better.

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    Sorry Andrew, wasn't a "dig" at you but more a reminder to ALL riders that if you can safely move, please do so under your own power(human power...aka push the bike,or otherwise). Waiting for you guys to come "help" them when they could have helped themselves out of an impact zone seems lazy to me...and it creates more potential danger for us still circulated and them sitting there.

    I know all the CRMA staff work hard, was just pointing a few things out maybe to mention(riders meeting and riders school) so the rest of us understand what to do and when to do it!


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    Thank you for your input Derek and Andrew. Hopefully somebody knows the prov nov and will make a mention to him about the potential danger he was in and put others in with that situation.

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    During Sunday’s race #18, a rider crashed coming out of turn 2. He got up and was angry about it [understandable!], removed his helmet and threw it down. He then proceeds to walk along the track picking up/kicking bike debris off. While this was thoughtful, it was also extremely dangerous. The race was still going on, other riders could have easily target fixated on the walking rider - who was no longer wearing a helmet and done serious harm.

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    Thank you all for the input.
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