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Thread: ***Free Stock Shock 2015 Yamaha R3***

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    ***Free Stock Shock 2015 Yamaha R3***

    Giving this away as I sold the bike last year and forgot to give the kid the stock shock. Just found it after cleaning up my shop. Anyway...FREE. Could be useful if you need to send in your race shock in for service and need to move the bike around...whatever...maybe even some mini moto project..

    I will be at Hallett for the September round and will have it with me.

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    Heck, you could make a lamp out of it for the garage!

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    A Slow, Boring, Lamp. Hahaha.

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    Would you happen to still have the stock gas cap w/key?!

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    Only thing I have is the shock. I sold the bike a couple years ago and simply forgot to give this to the guy...

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