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Thread: 2008-2012 NINJA 250R PARTS

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    2008-2012 NINJA 250R PARTS

    2008-2012 NINJA 250R - GARAGE CLEANING

    Speedometer complete with cover $100
    Speedometer only $80
    Headlight $40 each
    Air Box complete $35
    Air Box missing cover screws $25
    Air Box missing cover and screws$ 15
    License Plate fender eliminator with light $10
    (2) Brake tail light $10 each
    (2) Passenger seat $15 each
    (2) Passenger rear sets (L/R) complete and straight $40 each set
    Left Passenger rear set complete and straight $20
    (1) Handle bars (L/R) set straight $50
    Under tail plastic cover $30
    Battery plastic box $10
    Kick Stand $10
    Radiator front fairing (plastic cover) $20 each
    Tail fairings (L/R) blue $50

    P.S. I do have lots more such as cables, throttle tube, rear sets with new gear shifter and break pedal, Two bothers headers and canister, speedometer cable with the wheel spacer thing, front sprocket cover, and all kind of odd pieces and nuts, bolts, hoses, swing arm plastic chain cover and so on.

    If you need pics please send me a message
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    Could you please send me pictures of the two brothers headers and canister, and price please. thank you. u can text me the pictures if you like. 281-731-5795

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