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Thread: 2021 season - endurance team

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    2021 season - endurance team


    I never got a chance to race this year due to a number of reasons. I am looking to get back into it next year and making myself available for an endurance ride. Doesn't need to be a competitive team as long as everyone takes it seriously. Prefer a 300 or 400 team.

    I pay my way. I'm a mid-pack expert, if I'm being optimistic and can ride a full tank of gas. I have a low crash rate and can ride within the limit. My PB times are Cresson CW 1m19, Hallett 1m20, MSRH 1m41.

    My endurance racing experience is 2 3rd place overall seasons on Sport Rider Coaching (2017) and Heavy Lightweights (2018) and where some of the rides were a 2-man team.

    I'm 6ft4 and 185lbs.

    Thank you for consideration.

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    Darling, you will have a ride in no time!!

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    Mr. McNaught, please give a me a call or text me.. thank you. 281-731-5795
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