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Thread: RideSmart CMRA Discount for Level 3 2021

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    RideSmart CMRA Discount for Level 3 2021

    Yup, we're doing it again!

    Last year, we saved CMRA riders over $4,000, even with a shortened season!

    If you are a Novice or Expert licensed CMRA racer, you can receive 30% off your Level 3 registration for MSR or MSRH. Email me at with a scanned image or picture of your race license (the back showing your name, number, and type). We'll email you back a code that will work for the entire season in Level 3.

    For our first event of 2021 at MSRH, the 2020 code will still work if you already have it. You'll need to email us a copy of your 2020 license after the first CMRA event to get the remainder of the season code.

    Sorry, you must complete all Provisional Novice requirements before you are eligible for the discount.

    We are allowing ULW and LWs in Level 3. As long as you can run the minimum lap time required for L3, you can register for L3. We'll give you a jersey so the big bikes can identify you so closing speed shouldn't be an issue. MSR and MSRH only - not COTA!

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    Thanks again! Emailing mine now.
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