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Thread: Some cheap stuff, some free stuff

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    Some cheap stuff, some free stuff

    '15+ R1 bodywork- Armour Bodies, actually in good shape, definitely repairable where the upper has a "rip": FREE
    Aprilia RS125 street tail with pillion seat, headlight assembly and front deflectors, all in perfect condition: $50 for it all
    First Gen SV650 cams, intake and exhaust all in great shape: FREE
    Dynoject Quickshifter, pull, with software, worked when removed: $50
    Third Gen ZX10 gauges, worked when pulled and undamaged: $50

    I'm cleaning out the shop (obviously) so stuff that has prices are reasonably negotiable. Stuff listed for "free" will be burned/tossed next week if they don't go.

    I also have a set of Bose home theater speakers that work but are missing the remote (which make them work so you need it), Craftsman 19v impact that works but batteries are dead so they need to be replaced, CRF250 skid aluminum skid plate, small kart seat (fiberglass molded), and Toyota Tundra heated power mirrors that I'm giving away/selling. Actually I'm only selling the mirrors, the rest I'm giving away.

    I'm in Needville TX which is about 30 minutes from the Angleton track so I can meet within reason.

    Email is fastest since I don't get on the forums much any more-
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    Tom, another CMRA member needs that bodywork....

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