6.2 Sprint Series Categories
l) Tires must be DOT legal or road racing slicks; DOT-approved tires must have an S or
higher speed rating. Rain tires can only be used if the event is declared wet by the Race Director. All
tires must be used as provided by the manufacturer with no modification of their original molded tread
pattern; grooving or altering any tire in any manner is prohibited.
The CMRA is an open tire series. This means that there is no restrictions on the use of slick racing tires in Superstock classes. The use of rain tires must be approved by declaration from the Race Director. With the challenging conditions we were facing at the last event the decision was made to allow the use of rain tires even in dry conditions. This decision was made after consulting with our tire vendors. This was a one time allowance and does not extend beyond the February MSRH event.

5.3 Motorcycle Requirements
d) All machines must be equipped with a functioning red light mounted on the rear visible
to following riders. This light must be switched on any time the motorcycle is on the track during a wet
practice session or during a race that has been declared wet and switched off at all other times.
light must be continuous and may not flash. The light power source may be separate from the
machine. The Race Director will have final approval on all light systems.
There was some confusion about the use of rain lights at the last event. Per the CMRA Rule Book rain lights must be turned on during wet sessions and races that have been declared wet by the Race Director. A special allowance was made top allow rain tires in all sessions at the last event. This allowance did not allow for the unlimited use of rain lights. All riders and teams with hard wired rain lights are encouraged to install a switch to turn off the rain light when it is not needed. Dark tape may also be used to cover an un switched hardwired rain light when it is not needed. Riders and teams refusing to turn off or cover rain lights will be black flagged.