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Thread: Splitting C and B Superbike Expert and Novice Races

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    Splitting C and B Superbike Expert and Novice Races

    So this last weekend at MSRH there were some pretty sketchy times with the combined C and B races where lappers were coming into play as early as lap 2/3. The closing speed from the front runners in expert to the lapped novices was significant and in my opinion very dangerous. Additionally, it creates an element of luck where catching a lapped rider in the wrong place can completely alter the outcome of a race.

    I understand the desire to compress the schedule, I don't want to be leaving the track on Sunday at 7pm like we used to. However I think we can fix this. I don't think we need to split all A, B and C combined expert and novice races, I suggest we just split the superbike races into their own races. This would only add 3 races to the schedule. Additionally to reduce the number of races being run Sunday (because lets be honest its late Sundays that everyone really hates) could we run 1 or 2 more sprints on Saturday morning. Even possibly giving up 1 of the practices either Saturday or Sunday to allow for this expanded race schedule.

    Just my 2 cents, I don't want to see anyone get tangled up with someone going 60mph+ faster that has their head down going for a podium. Its not a good environment for either the front runners or the ones getting lapped.

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    I’m curious to see what the BOD nominees have to say about this…

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