Hey All,

I wanted to put this information up in case you did not know.

3:16 Trackways does not do a blanket discount. We wanted to approach helping the race community in a more committed way.

1. We sponsor F1 Novice, the awards are 1st - 100.00 , 2nd 75.00 , and 3rd 50.00 coupons for the podiums. We believe in awarding performance and athleticism. Win some races and you automatically get a discount!
2. We sponsor 4 Young Racers , Mikey Lou has been riding free with us since 2018, Aiden Sneed, Rossi Garcia, Chase Black gave come on in the past few years. We don't charge their parents because I remember in the move "The Doctor, The Tornado, and The Kentucky Kid" when Nicky is talking about when he crossed the finish line he remembered all his family went through to get him there. These family's are the sports future not only do we give them the seat time on track but they get access to all the Mentors. If you look at our Respect the Craft Roster on our web site along with the top racers that's a lot of help from experienced racers.

I hope you come try some events and see for yourself. We are trying to grow the sport.