Hey Y'all

Rain Mode

We have August 14/15 coming up at MSR Houston and I wanted to share somethings with y'all.

You all know the feeling, it's Houston, it's summer, and there is always a high chance of showers ... which dry up and the then the day is good to go.

Rather than throw away the entire day we have worked with MSRH to make schedule adjustments which allow us to recover time lost due to showers.

So if we get a lightning hold, or a small shower we have 2 hours of buffer time we can use

We've done this at previous events at MSRH, it showered mid-day, we held, we extended and everyone got to ride all their full sessions still.


You know the feeling, you get called to your session, you get in the long line of bikes being let out 2 by 2, and then they stop you because there is a red flag and you are melting in your suit, moments like those I could light a $100 bill on fire and just go home, it's a waste to be there.

Well those who have only ridden with 3:16 don't know that feeling because we average 2 crash truck runs for events since 2018

Less bikes on track makes for better seat time, you get to actually use the track, when you are on the track it's not crowded and you can actually work on your times!

We are able to do this because YES we charge more, would you rather be in Advanced with 60 people or 28 ?

We really want you to try and see that there is a way to ENJOY and USE the time you paid for.

Sunday August 15th for Advanced
Use the Coupon at Checkout $50 "uncrowdedtracktime" it's limited to 28 riders only but can be used for any Group

No Crowds
No Loss of track time for Rain

Now you CAN'T beat that

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Support us please we are trying to help the sport !