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Thread: ULWE Rules

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    ULWE Rules

    If I understand this correctly, some of the rules in place for ULWE are to keep costs down. If that is the case, does it not make sense to eliminate the use of race gas? Would there be any harm in requiring pump gas? Would it be difficult to regulate/enforce? Only thing i could see it doing is damaging some of those high compression engines out there...

    Im fairly new to the series and dont mean to step on any toes. Just curious if this has been discussed. I mean, race fuel is expensive after 5-8hrs of racing. Im not willing to spend the money and it seems to be at least as much of a performance gain as a missing air intake snorkel (free mod).

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    .02 - my team, Sons of Arthritis, runs pump (87, usually) on our Yamaha R3. However, I like the idea of being able to use controlled fuel, not specifically for higher performance. I think limiting engine modifications is sufficient to regulate the use of higher performance fuels. Having said that, I really like the idea of a spec class because we’re always outgunned
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    I agree. i have always been a fan of spec bike racing. I guess i dont really understand all the benefits of race gas. i assumed it was primarily used for performance gains. you guys do really well on the R3. Very impressive results. Learned a lot by following you guys this season.

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