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"The simple truth is that not enough racers are signing up for Friday racer practice."

Then we need to find out why and communicate with the members why so remedy could be proposed. Is this the first time this has happened in CMRA history? What was the original reason LSTD took over? They did a great job and I realize they are no longer operating track days, but would have been a good formula point to consider for future Friday practice operations.
Friday practice numbers have been in a steady decline over the last 3 seasons (removing 2020 for obvious reasons). We had 120-130 total riders on Friday with most doing a full day in 2017. This season our best was 100 at the August MSR round with about half doing half day practice. The second best turnout this season was 85 with around half doing half day practice. Unfortunately expenses have done nothing but go up. Track rent, ambulances, marshals, porta-johns, insurance, fuel, travel costs, etc. have all steadily increased every year. A fluctuating economy has been the primary factor in the decline. Hobbies are the first thing to go when household finances get tight.

Most in this discussion don't know that LSTD ran the Friday practice from 2006-2016. Before that CMRA ran 2 day events.

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How did this process to make this Friday change come about? Was there a board meeting and a vote? Were there several vendors that offered proposals and then considered and voted upon? I do not want to be difficult, but I feel like this was introduced and I was surprised (maybe I missed a post or meeting and I sincerely mean that). I realize that if we do not have the money to operate the Friday day, this was an emergency to make happen properly for 2022 for planning reasons. I think we need to issue a survey to find out why participation is low so that data can be worked on in the future and mitigated. Thank you, Brandie Cox
The BoD has discussed this at length. The decision was made at the recommendation of the finance committee. The bottom line is we cannot continue to operate the Friday at a breakeven and or loss.

To be clear a break even event is actually a loss as it does not cover the CMRAs monthly overhead.