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I noticed in another post, you stated an honest answer is only one to give a customer. I noticed you added MSRH to one of MK's questions, but he didnt ask about MSRH specifically...other than the curbing question. Is there a reason for that? Is it because airfence isnt deployed at some other tracks at CMRA events? Are those the same answers for other tracks they will be hosting a Friday TD before a CMRA event?
Soft barriers are only deployed at MSRH and HMRC.

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Also, you mentioned something about this being the recommendation from the Finance Committe. If these events are poorly attended enough to change at MSRH and Cresson, why would the Finance Committe allow the club to continue to lose money at 3 other events? That is, at least, the way the schedule reads if im understanding it correctly.
Operating costs vary from track to track. HMRC has the lowest overall operating cost and generally the largest turnouts for Friday practice. With that in mind it makes sense for the CMRA to continue to offer Friday practice at HMRC.