Hello Everyone,

The format will be changed for Fridays, we consulted with our Mentors (many are racers) and JC Camacho has prepared a description video to go over it.



$150 - Pre Registration
$185 - 10 Days Before

4 Groups with LOWER lap times for "advanced" Groups ... more info in the video

Experienced (Min Lap times) 2:17 MSRH , 1:37 MSRC
Advanced Lightweight 1:57 MSRH , 1:37 MSRC
Advanced Big Bike 1:53 MSRH, 1:28 MSRC

Minimum lap times taken from "lapper" paces during 2 wave races

We know this is a "CHANGE" and won't be for everyone but will fit more people than less.

God Bless,

Ignacio and May