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In my opinion this is the worst thing that could happen for new racers who need quality track time before a race. For myself I will now be much less likely to spend the money to race on Saturday where I have to spend a lot of money to get one 15 minute practice session and then one 6 lap race. At least on Sunday there are 2 practice sessions.

I've done quite a few 3:16 track days and they do a great job of limiting the number of entries per group. But they usually fill those slots very quickly. That's great for the track day riders but now how do we, CMRA racers, squeeze in? If I can't get descent track time on Friday I'm not going to spend the money to race on Saturday. At least not in Texas. All those extra trips to Hallet are looking better all the time.

I understand your concern but as noted above not enough racers are signing up for Friday RACER ONLY practice. A CHANGE HAS TO BE MADE. If you have any ideas to offer on how to get more racers to sign up then we are all ears. If not please consider giving this new format a chance to evolve before condemning it. As with everything adjustments will made along the way as needed.

let's give is a try before passing judgment.