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Thread: Fridays with 3:16 Trackdays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Thomas View Post
    So works just fine right up until it doesnt.
    If i recall correctly, youre an EMT, might have got your RN by now or might have chosen another path. Let me ask you a question and ask you to go back to your EMT days. You have a central command? Have to call report have to give a hand-off to a receiving team? Im sure you have. I took thousands as a Trauma nurse. My preparation is based on my knowledge, my experience and a freaking report. Telling me a GSW to the chest is coming in vs. telling me he's coming in w decreased breath sounds on right, hes combative, cool and pale, his Bp 80/p, w two large bore IV's gives me a helluva lot more to plan and prepare, than wait till he gets to your trauma room....despite the outcome.
    I love ya Derek and you know that, but first, I'm still a firefighter and paramedic as well as back on the Rn path (covid speedbump ya know).
    Second, I have no idea what you're trying to get across in your analogy here lol

    I think 99.9% of you are getting lost in the sauce here. The 0.1% of the rest are uneducated and inexperienced so you're skeptical of change as well as influenced by rumor and innuendo from people you think might know something (but actually don't). Then there's the unknown percent floating around in the 99.9% (unknown because nobody ever admits it) that are discount dave disciples and ride with him for free in exchange for being "loud" on the internet. Those folks are pretty obvious to me though ;)

    Sounds like Ignacio has things in hand.
    You're like a kid in a batman costume at think you're cute...and you think you're batman.
    -Author name withheld to protect the further embarrassment of the guilty

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    This forum really has gone to ****. For people I didn't know I could decide when I met them at the track whether they were a twat or not. This is a great tool on who to avoid....

    New for 2022, there is a Friday trackday at all MSRH rounds. Be thankful.

    Happy Holidays, you ungrateful tossers
    Better Dead than Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean webster View Post
    This forum really has gone to ****. For people I didn't know I could decide when I met them at the track whether they were a twat or not. This is a great tool on who to avoid....

    New for 2022, there is a Friday trackday at all MSRH rounds. Be thankful.

    Happy Holidays, you ungrateful tossers
    Best post I've seen lol thanks I needed a chuckle

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    wow, this is social media.

    Ignacio is a racer, and is extending his assistance to the CMRA at great personal financial risk in order for the CMRA to continue to have track time on Fridays prior to race weekends. He is not desperate for track days as some have stated, he just has a passion to promote the sport, and loves the CMRA's passion to promote the sport.

    Fridays before CMRA weekends have always been a wonderful privilege for CMRA Members, and financial struggle for the CMRA directors. The CMRA has experimented with many formats on Fridays as long as I've been a part of them. None of the changes ever made EVERYONE happy. They have, however, always provided exactly what a proficient racers needs to race on any given weekend.

    Ignacio, being a racer, has and will continue to make track time the best possible experience for both racers, and track day guys. He is smart, flexible, moral, and passionate about the sport we all love. Fridays at CMRA weekends are always for CMRA racers 1st, and sustainability 2nd. However, both are imperative!!

    Before attacking next seasons adaptations please give the CMRA, 3:16, and all of those that love and have been deeply involved for numerous years with the sport the benefit of the doubt with how successful next years changes will be.

    Come, ride hard, and love the wonderful sport.

    Walter, Ignacio, and the entire CMRA are experienced, passionate, and selfless in their pursuit of supporting the sport we all love.

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    Very well spoken!

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    I want to take a moment to Introduce Joseph LanFrankie (Joe) he is our head of Track Operations and manages the events at the track I only get up and do a ridres meeting, then ride, and kiss babies and shake hands. Joe keeps the operations running. He is a dedicated resource for this purpose and has my 100% full trust. He will also be going through the thread and providing better responses to all comments. This is just another facet of 3:16 Trackdays we believe in operational excellence and continual improvement. Joe will likely be posting shortly.

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    I just want to take a second to say.....��!
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    Hi everyone,

    After learning that Friday practices might have disappeared all together and talking to a leadership person at 3:16, this is all going to go well and be fine.

    Ignacio has now made it clear that he is going to ensure proper mitigation and separation of groups and thank you Ignacio for this. I really appreciate you coming on to explain.

    I feel sorry for Ignacio now because he was not introduced to us from a business perspective. The membership were not told Fridays were going away. Poor Ignacio had to tell us. Exit light, enter night lol (yes that is a Metallica reference).

    Marco's post is spot on. Now that I know this will be a well oiled machine, Marco brings up a very important business model point that we all have to encourage. The more riders (when properly mitigated) the better. That is good for our sport, for moto sales (which is why our sport exists), and for us.

    Also from a business point, the membership idea is a good option because it is risky for a business to assume this practice day without a known commitment from membership. We will not have anyone want to help us in the future if we do not participate and frankly spend our hard earned money. The cycle of issue with the financials of the Fridays will continue on and on. We have the power to stop this and let's do it! We have to show some sort of commitment and I encourage everyone to think about that, otherwise no wise business person would ever want to "take us on."

    In summary, I am now convinced we will all get the SAFE practice time we want and I encourage the others that were skeptical to be open to the idea of coming and riding Fridays. Let's give this a chance so we can continue to actually ride on Fridays and let's try have an open mind and heart. I do not say any of this lightly and sadly no one has paid me ;) I just believe in fair discussion and accomplishing tasks and I feel this has been done. Thank you guys. Merry Christmas, Brandie

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    Mr. Pedregon,

    Thank you for taking the time to update us, as you may have read my previous post on this thread.

    In other news, to the two people that sent me DM's questioning why I am afraid of change?.

    You two have it all wrong. never been afraid of change, that's why I am where I am. Not knowing much about the changes was my biggest concern, don't mistake that as being afraid. Adapting to what is coming is not the issue, and that's why I requested more information or updates to adapt to changes. And this is exactly what this forum is for, for all us to communicate and inter act.

    To the one person that took my post as an insult to Mr. Pedregon. Please know that I have never met, seen or spoken to him, that I know of, so therefore I would never insult a person I never met. Nor have I have met either one of you, with that said, this is were it ends from my side.

    Again thank you for the updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Dominguez View Post
    Very well spoken!
    I agree 100% Dave! "Ignacio, being a racer, has and will continue to make track time the best possible experience for both racers, and track day guys. He is smart, flexible, moral, and passionate about the sport we all love."
    I have wanted share my feelings on this topic, but have held back to keep peace. When I see people assuming the future, they become part of the problem and not part of the solution. (In my mind) Ignacio, no doubt is someone who has more integrity than 10 average men in todays world.

    The biggest issue with bringing up problems BEFORE there is an ACTUAL problem to the forums, social media, ect. Is that it effects the novice racer, or guys who are newbies or even experts who are not up to speed. As a novice racer myself, back in July & August 2021 with the whole "MSRC repave" situation it made myself re-think... should I even attend the event? When the truth, after attending the event (even in July before 3rd repave) the actual track surface was an improvement. No matter what aspect of the surface, it was better than the prior 2 years.

    I wanted to bring it up at the MSRC round in the morning riders meeting, but Walter is so unapproachable (LOL). I am NOT fair weather rider either, or in my mind. As I attended round #1 at MSRH in 2021 endurance raced on Saturday and even sprint raced my GSXR1000 Sunday morning during Superbike A race with no rain tires (on slicks) when ambient temperature was 38 degrees & raining and I even completed the race. So, publicly it does effect rethink attended the event and registration because of all the negative post online about the track conditions.

    When in reality, that is Walter's job and why he makes the final decisions for safety for everyone.

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