The CMRA Board of Directors met on Sunday 11/14/2021 to seat newly elected members and elect officers for 2022.

Newly elected BoD members Keith Hertell and Kasey Lewis were seated along with Jeff Phillips who was reelected to a second three year term.

Outgoing BoD members Rab McNaught and Joe Caruso were thanked for their service and contributions.

2022 CMRA Board of Directors Officers:
Jeff Phillips (unanimously reelected as President)
Michael DeSimone (unanimously elected as Vice President)
Kasey Lewis (unanimously elected as Treasurer)

Additional CMRA Officers:
Walter Walker (Director of Competition)
Autumn Walker (Secretary)

2022 CMRA Board of Directors
Jeff Phillips (President)
Michael DeSimone (Vice President)
Ryan Rutkowski
Josh Henke
Allen Boyd
Keith Hertell
Kasey Lewis (Treasurer)