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Thread: Right hand turns. Long sweeper and body position help.

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    Right hand turns. Long sweeper and body position help.

    I am out here at speed sports and I am struggling on my right hand turns. Find myself getting lots of arm pump just on my throttle. I'm riding on my supermoto. The rear brake is on that side but I an sure I can get my heal in and get on my toes. Or balls of my feet. I tried turning it more like a door knob. I feel like if I can fix this one thing I can go way faster. I'm trying to be relaxed on the bike witch makes it easier to ride as I'm not putting alot of effort in. I can't tell if I'm crossed up but at times I feel like I might be going to far off the right side of the seat. Sorry as I don't have video or anything but maybe someone else deals with this and has figured it out already. Maybe some suggestions on how to fix this. I ride like once every 3 months. Seems to be about right. I feel like I can get my times way down if I can fix this.

    Was thinking I should just do foot out through that one turn but it being the longest continuous turn I feel knee down is the best bet. I ride knee down all the time and prefer as you can catch yourself. Not sure if you can save the food out if you loose grip.

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    I'm out here riding right now so I'll see if I can figure something out. I like to think I'm running under 1min.

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    As I roll on I find I'm pulling myself onto the bike and may not be weight the inside peg as much. Short rights are OK. I can do well there. Didn't do the foot out like I had thought I would try.

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    Once every 3 months? Sounds like more frequent riding or exercise would go a long way. I don’t know much else
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    Wish I could but it's what I got.

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    Hi John,

    I just looked up Speed Sports and what a cool track!! Ride with your core John and not your arms. Squeeze the tank with your thighs/legs and work on having less pressure on the bars at all times. I am still working on this myself and with my own body position issues.... Parking lot drills are super important. This will help you train this skill set to translate it for the track. If you do not do the parking lot drills on the routine, you will revert back to your old habits right away when you get on circuit. The pros train this way. I have changed the way I train now and bought a little KX 65 after spending time with Sean Dylan Kelly and Max Toth (MotoAmerica). Those boys along with Max's dad opened my eyes to the European style of training that is very effective. They changed my life. Your SuperMoto would be fine to use. Work on turning in a 12 X12 circle to the left over and over and to the right over and over. You will crash but you will learn what you need to do to keep this going. Work on using your core and letting loose of those bars. Check out these videos. Having a parking lot training program will change your riding for the better I promise. Find a lot that will let you do this training and you can ride more often and use the track to see how far you have come. Cheers!


    This is an EXCELLENT explanation- watch whole thing:

    and Mr Pedro Acosta trains this way as well- in a more advanced way:

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