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Thread: 2021-2022 Novice to Expert Promotion Procedure

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    Cool 2021-2022 Novice to Expert Promotion Procedure

    Requests for advancement to Expert status for the 2022 race season are now being accepted.

    Section 1.2 Rider Classification

    Novice riders may apply for advancement to Expert status at any time by submitting a written request to the CMRA office. The CMRA Director of Competition and the Advancement Committee will review all applications for advancement.

    Novice riders finishing in the top three (3) in final season point standings in all CMRA Novice and Combined (no Expert/Novice differentiation) sprint classes will be eligible for promotion to Expert status at the end of the racing season. Novice riderís individual finishes, lap times, safety records, and the ratio of rider results to the number of riders will also be considered. Novice riders who exhibit Expert level skills and levels of performance may be asked to voluntarily be promoted to Expert.

    As started above all Novice riders finishing in the top three in points in all Novice and combined Novice/Expert classes will be at the top of the list for promotion to Expert status. That being said all applications will be considered.

    Applicants must include the reason for seeking advancement and data to support the request (race results, etc.).

    In an effort to discourage sandbagging the CMRA Advancement Committee may recommend additional riders for advancement.

    Rider Index for reference

    Rider Index 8 Race Minimum

    Rider Index 10 Race Minimum

    Riders with .6 and above should consider advancement.

    Requests for advancement should be sent to
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