2022 license renewal and team registration forms and now available on the LICENSE AND TEAM REGISTRATION FORMS page.

AMA Membership is required for all CMRA Competition License Holders. AMA membership can be purchased through the AMA WEBSITE. Note: Jr Motard riders will be provided a complimentary Jr AMA membership when competing.

Riders wishing to retain their 2021 competition numbers must renew their license on or before the January 1, 2022 deadline. 2021 Sprint Competition numbers are available HERE. Applications must be received in the CMRA office on or before midnight January 1, 2022. Beginning January 2, 2022 all numbers which have not been renewed become available first come, first serve based on the date the application was received in the CMRA office. No exceptions. Numbers will not be assigned over the phone or without a license application. If you are requesting a new competition number, assignment information will not be available before January 7, 2022. 2022 Sprint Competition Numbers will be available as they are assigned HERE.

Per the 2021 CMRA Rule Book. Any Expert status rider who fails to score points in at least six (6) sprint races in the three (3) calendar years immediately preceding the year of their license application or renewal will not be considered active and may not be assigned a two digit number. Due to extenuating circumstances related to COVID 19 2020 will not be included in the (3) calendar requirement. Any Expert status rider holding a two digit number who has failed to score points in at least six (6) sprint races between the beginning of the 2018 season and the conclusion of the 2021 season will forfeit that two digit number. These two digit numbers will be made available on a first come first serve basis. Two digit numbers being vacated will be noted on the 2021 Sprint Competition Numbers list.

Novice riders wishing to advance to Expert visit 2021-2022 Novice to Expert Promotion Procedure for information on how to request advancment.