Clean title 1973 Yamaha RD350

This is a project that's 99.9% complete and I haven't played with to complete in a couple years. Lost motivation.

Fresh engine from RD's Only in Smithville- Pistons/rings, crank, all bearings, gaskets etc with stock bore cylinders; "Banshee" reed block and carbs. Engine has less than an hour run time, maybe 20 minutes at best to test the electronic ignition (total loss system)
Frame powder coated professionally in "Super White"
2009 Ninja 250 front and rear suspension (did the mod for handling and modern rubber with 17" wheels)

Custom Jemco exhaust with expansion chambers and stingers with a speedway style twin left exit. John took his time and built this beautifully to my specs/request and I'm super proud of it and his work.

I have two nice fuel tanks in original paint- one is the original purple mettallic and the other is an original R5 tank in orange. Have the purple side over and oil tank.

I also have the stock triple clamps, some gauges, ignition system, fuel oiling system (removed to run premix) and a ton of other spare parts including NOS pistons, rings, carbs (for RD) etc etc etc

I don't want to put this on craigslist or facespace to avoid the skinny jean bearded hipsters. Unless you're one of those types and want to give me many moneys more than I'm asking ;)

So what does it need? Not much. The output sprocket needs to be machined to 520, spacers installed on the rear axle (stock EX250), a seat needs to be mounted (I was going to go with fiberglass retro race style but never bought one because I couldn't make up my mind...) and just tidy things up to make it rideable (like fastening all bolts/nuts etc).

Will not part out anything. I'll keep this and finish it eventually rather than go through that hassle.

I am interested in trades like an SV track or street bike or something similar.

Asking $2500, if interested bring cash and a truck to carry all the spares in.