2022 CMRA Rule Book


3.14 Transponders (pg. 13)

Whenever used in these rules “transponder” shall mean an AMB TranX 260 Transponder™ or MYLAPS Bike Transponder™ or MYLAPS TR2 Bike Transponder™ or MYLAPS X2 Bike Transponder™ complete with the mounting bracket designed specifically for each transponder.

MYLAPS MX and KART Transponders are not approved for CMRA competition as they are rated for slower speeds and or must be mounted closer to the racing surface. These transponders are not recognized by the CMRAs X2 scoring system.

MYLAPS BIKE Transponders are dark grey and RED.

MYLAPS MX Transponders are dark grey and ORANGE.

MYLAPS KART Transponders are Dark grey and YELLOW.