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Thread: Rider needed for ulw endurance running ninja 300.

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    Rider needed for ulw endurance running ninja 300.

    Chris Newhouse and one other teammate is in need of a rider to eat up time. For fun only! There 2 old guys who need someone. Iím normally there but cannot make it. The bike is a ninja 300 set up for heavier weights but that doesnít disqualify light riders! Iím posting this for them. Whoever wants it will get more than there share of time on bike. Chris sometimes answers his phone #713-four one six-5801. His voicemail is not set up and he prides himself on loosing his phone, so he pits on pit road bike 50 I think heís using if you canít reach him by phone. Again you must be in it for fun and help out. Thx

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    I can personally guarantee this will be a FUN TIME for whomever joins. Great guys and LOTS OF FUN!! Brandie Cox

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