Hi CMRA racers!

Just a quick note from Hart Photography (Blair). The current plan is to be at Hallett mid morning Friday. Looking forward to seeing some great racing!

Not sure everyone knows, but we've started doing trackside video at events. It's a prepurchase agreement only ($68 plus tax), and the option includes all your images & videos we can get over the course of an event day/weekend. We'll always get plenty of images of as many racers as possible as we always do, but an addition for the video purchase customers we add video clips from the various locations we go at each track.

Here is a short video example of what can be put together (we provide the unedited images/video only). It is a mix of our images/videos, plus some on bike/in car video from provided by customers (using a GoPro, etc.). Looks like video embeds are not enabled...so here are the direct player links on Vimeo.

Here's another, about 90 seconds.

Anyone interested can contact me for more details, either via PM here on the CMRA forum, or through our website from this page (has our email/phone #): Hart Photography FAQ/Contact US

Also...if you didn't know, Hart Photography is a returning CMRA Sponsor in 2022. We provide the CMRA Prov Nov shirts for the CMRA Prov Nov School. Please support ALL your CMRA Sponsors!