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Thread: updating sponsors

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    updating sponsors

    How do I update Kevs sponsors so they show up in the results? Thanks

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    There is a sponsor list form that you can include as part of your pre-entry package or fill out and turn in at the track.

    This is the link to the pre-entry version -

    Here are all the pre-entry forms and instructions -

    You can email or call the office if you would like to get it updated a different way or need some other special help with it. I'm not sure if they can do anything different but you can ask.

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    Thanks Michael! That's exactly right.

    Sponsor Forms are also available in Registration at the track. Sponsor Forms submitted at the track must be submitted before registration closes on the last day of the event in order for those sponsors to be included in the posted results, Contingency reports, and Class Sponsor reports.
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