I have to ask why, when I continually here(this past weekend included) about the dire financial challenges the club faces on any given event weekend, why can we not try and increase a couple of entries by allowing a SB to run up in class? There should be absolutely no performance indexing argument as every step up in class is a major step up in absolute HP. I was protested as a result of running my 400 in D and once deemed legal for this weekend, ran .1 off my PB. Now I did crash(Hallett isn't my best track) but it wasn't because I was riding over my head to achieve the lap times. I was no closer nor further away from the usual suspects in the D SS class.

If we are going to complain about the financial stability of the club, we need our board and representatives to make some sound and common sense decisions in order to do so. Allowing a SB to run up in class is a simple stroke of the pen solution. Take a pole, see how many people might be interested in running their SB's up in class. Im guessing you might see $750-1k more entries worth of weekend money. Anything helps!

My .02 after continually hearing about finances.