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Thread: 2013 Yamaha R6 - $8,250

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    2013 Yamaha R6 - $8,250

    2013 Yamaha R6 -$8,250
    Located in DFW area

    This bike won multiple CMRA Expert championships for 2022 including Middleweight #1, C Superstock, C Superbike, B Superstock, and B Superbike. This bike also ended the year CMRA expert overall #2. This bike is fast and dialed in!

    I bought this bike from the original owner back in 2017. The bike was purchased and immediately converted into a track bike and only used a couple times a year before I bought it. Since I acquired the bike all work has been done by Jimmy Cambora (Raceworx) or by Steve Upchurch (RES). The bike was never registered so I have an MSO.

    The forks and shock were refreshed and serviced in-between every race season by Jimmy Cambora since owning the bike.

    The engine was completely rebuilt in 2019.

    I replaced multiple parts for the 2022 season. Front brake calipers rebuilt and new ti caliper bolts. Front rotors and bolts replaced on both front wheels. Samco coolant hoses installed. New Water pump. New steel front and rear brake lines. New clutch cable. New vortex fuel cap. Jimmy replaced steering, swingarm, and wheel bearings. New dynojet push/pull quickshift switch.

    Parts list:
    Front suspension - AKGAS traxxion dynamics
    Rear shock- Penske triple (will be freshly rebuilt with 0 miles!)
    Bazzaz z-fi tc (1 pump gas map and 1 MR12 fuel map)
    Translogic autoblip up/down quickshifter
    Dynojet push/pull switch
    Renthal clip ons
    Vortex rear sets
    Vortex fuel cap
    Vortex sprockets
    Vortex road racing chain
    Ohlins steering damper
    Brembo 19x18 master cylinder
    M4 full exhaust
    Slipper clutch spring modification
    Vesrah ZZ brake pads
    Sharkskinz superbike bodywork (see description at bottom)
    GB case covers
    Gutted thermostat
    Safety wired for CMRA racing

    2 sets clip ons (1 vortex, 1 renthal)
    Fairing stay
    Front wheel with rotors
    Rear wheel with rotor
    New vortex 45 rear
    Used Rental 43 rear
    Used rental 47 rear
    Front axle nut
    Front sprocket nut
    Rear axle nut
    Oil dipstick
    Shift rod
    Seat pan (cracked)
    Clutch lever (used) x2
    Clutch cover oem
    Clutch cover gasket x1
    Generator cover oem
    Generator cover gasket x4
    Timing cover gasket x1
    Used steel brake lines
    Radiator cap x2
    Brake reservoir bracket
    Vortex Shift side rearset
    Vortex Brake side rearset (scrapped peg)
    Gb clutch cover
    Gb timing cover
    OEM R6 seat
    Seat mount
    Front fender
    Supersport tail (uses oem seat)
    Gas tank (dented but functional)
    Fuel pump (used)
    Fuel pump gasket new
    Water pump (used)
    Radiator (used)
    Subframe (used)
    Push pull shift sensor translogic (used)
    Rear caliper holder
    Windscreen (used)
    OEM Air filter
    Front sprocket 15
    Pirelli rain tires front and rear

    The only negative with this bike is the bodywork is rough. It is sharkskinz so it is good stuff and can be repaired. The upper is in the worst condition and is cracked in a couple different places. The lower is scrapped. The tail has a crack and some scrapes as well. I've been racing with it as is with the anticipation of repairing it over the winter. PM me if you are interested!

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