December 23, 2022

To All CMRA License Holders:

The CMRA Board of Directors met on December 20, 2022 to discuss and vote on policy and rules proposals for the 2023 season.

The following policy and rule changes were voted on and approved for inclusion in the 2023 CMRA Rule Book.

Policies and Procedural Rules:
Season hardcards for gate entry will be available for $200. Additional details and purchase information will be released in the coming weeks.

The CMRA will be using SpeedWaiver for gate waivers for the 2023 season.

A one year extension was added to the 2 digit number retention policy. Expert sprint riders may now request a one year extension to complete the required 6 sprint races needed to retain their 2 digit number. A $200 extension fee will apply.

The long standing ban on pets at CMRA events has been lifted and a new pet policy was established. Pet owners will be asked to agree to the following.
1. Each pet is subject to a $10 per event ($70 for season) pet fee.
2. Pets MUST be up to date on all vaccinations.
3. Pets MUST be on a leash at all times when outside of RVs, vehicles, trailers, etc.
4. Pets MUST NOT be left unattended and or tied up to trailers, RVs, vehicles, canopies etc.
5. Pets will not be allowed in Registration, Tech, or Hot and Cold Pit areas.
6. Pets exhibiting aggressive behavior will not be allowed. Owners will be asked to remove the pet from the facility immediately.
7. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up their pets feces.
8. Any violation of these rules will result in the loss of pet privileges for the remainder of the season.
9. If a facility has a more restrictive pet policy, that policy will supersede the CMRAs pet policy.

Technical Rules:
Aftermarket front brake master cylinders of any type are now allowed in all Superstock classes.

A .005 cap on machining of head gasket surfaces for maintenance was added for Superstock classes.

The Aprilia RS660 will now be allowed in D Superstock.

The Superstock spec limit placed on the Aprilia RS660 in Formula 2, Lightweight Twins, and D Superbike has been lifted.

Machine allowances in Appendix 1 have also been updated.

The 2023 CMRA Rule Book will be available for download on January 1, 2023.