Full set of carbon parts and a set of Black Gloss Marchesini Wheels.

Wheels $1500

Will also post 2015 RC390 next week.

$1500 plus shipping secures the entire carbon set. Glad to provide detailed pics of carbon parts for serious inquiries. They are in fantastic shape but have a couple of scratches. Prices are firm. Please don't lowball me.

Weight reduction

Seat 3lbs 2 oz carbon 2lbs - Weight savings 1lb 2 oz
Fairings 3lbs 7oz - carbon 1lbs 8oz - 2lbs x 2 Weight savings 4 lbs
Tank cover 2lbs 6oz - carbon 1lbs 7oz - Weight savings 1 lb

Front stock wheel 10 lbs 10 oz
Front Marchesini wheel 6 lbs 5 oz
Weight savings 4lbs 5oz ~ 41%

Rear stock wheel 14 lbs
Rear Marchesini wheel 8 lbs 3 oz
Weight savings 5lbs 13oz ~ 47%

Represents weight of the wheels only, no disc, no tires
Sprocket keeper OEM 3 lbs 1oz / Sprocket keeper Marchesini 1lb 8oz / Weight savings 1lb 9 oz

~11 lbs from wheels / 6 Lbs carbon fiber - did not weigh the cowling or the fairing stay
got the total weight down to 266 lbs.

Carbon Fiber parts prices
Carbon Fiber Parts My Price Retail
Carbon fiber front fender $110 $160
Carbon fiber Upper Cowling $175 $240
Tank Cover comes with Battery Cover $350 $420
Front fairing R complete $375 $481
Front fairing L complete $375 $481
Rear Seat Cowling $325 $432
Belly Pan $200 $256
$1,910 $2,470

Also have some additional race parts that I will post as well.
Message me with questions. Just wanted to get this up while I get the rest of the photos together. Can't figure out how to upload photos on this thing.