RS is giving CMRA Licensed Racer the ability to follow the RS Elite Membership sign-up benefits. Simply put if you sign up prior to 15 day of the event, use standard pricing $220 less your $30 CMRA Discount = $190. If you sign up after that the Standard price is $250 - $30 Discount = $220. So if you intend on making the RS Feb 18/19 event make sure you sign up by Feb 2 by midnight. Please send a copy of your active cmra license to This discount only applies to our MSRH and MSRC dates. Sorry this does not apply to Prov Nov and Friday race practice. If you have already registered for our Feb 18/19 MSRH event and did not receive your $30 discount please reach out to Randy. Thank you!

We are still working thru some details with Walter Walker regarding Race Practice. More details to come.

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