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Thread: ** 2000 Honda RS250 NX5 ** $28,500 OBO

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    ** 2000 Honda RS250 NX5 ** $28,500 OBO

    Completely went through the bike when I bought it. Bike had never been raced prior to me and was a very seldom used track day bike. Previous owner told me it had less than 150 miles on it and it looked it. Replaced seals, hoses, brake pads, added fluids (it was stored dry!). Getting it back up and running was a thrill (It was near mint, just needed some things as it hadn't been ridden in a few years at least).
    A pretty nice paint job and some new slicks got it race ready! Raced a few CMRA events with it and a couple track days. I have put around 250 miles on the current crank and top end and she runs strong and she is tight.
    It comes with a full factory spares kit plus a whole bunch more!

    Some of the highlights:
    New OEM Crank
    2 New Cylinders
    5 New Pistons with many more rings
    Extra Set of Wheels (with Rotors)
    Full Set of Jets (nearly endless combos)
    Seals and Gaskets
    Brake Pads
    and much more!

    Located in Tulsa OK (She is currently resting comfortably in my living room!!)

    Bike is listed on various Facebook groups and market place, and the wera board 13xforums.

    Feel free to call or text


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    Danny Dominguez my birthday is coming up….

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    Would be a very nice gift!!!

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    Just a little bump! Someone make me an offer I can't refuse!

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