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Thread: "Bullet" bike in police chase

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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    I think he should clean up his garage after he gets out of jail.
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    Now everyone knows.....

    Should a police officer try to pull you over, just head over to the next county, obey the speed limit, and you'll be fine.

    See, something positive did come out of this...
    Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    The guy did get arrested later that day. He apparently already had an open warrant for failure to appear in court for a DUI charge. The Arlington cops should have arrested him based on that regardless of whether he was "obeying the traffic laws" in their city, but didn't pick up on it for some reason.

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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    It wasn't the cops on the ground that caught him...they lost him right from the start.

    There were helicopters from a news station that stayed on him and talk to the police to let them know where he was at.

    If the guy on the bike was smart, he would have went to the airport where NO
    helicopters can go.
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    The guy on the bike is a complete testosterone charged moron. He's a future organ donor, and he was lucky this time. But I may need him in the future...
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    Just watched the clip labelled incorrectly as '...motorcycle racer'. I'd like to invite that station out to Cresson to see what motorcycle RACERS do. That guy was a 20 year old squid with an R1, nothing more.
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    This kinda reminds me of someone getting hemmed up in north west Arkansas by an over-eager sherrif. So, Sherman, exactly how did that, what was it, 120mph ticket turn out?

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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    Court delays.

    And don't be mislead - Sherm has enough evidence (GPS coordinates, maps, acceleration times and distances for drag racers, calculus charts, and a physics lesson on terminal velocity) designed to lull the judge to sleep and prove with certainty that there is no possible way he was going that fast.

    The rest of us know it's impossibe because we've seen him ride. [img]/ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    Ms. Wright must have me confused with a squid. Squids go fast in a "stupid manner". Something I have never been accused of.

    For the record, I am a POSER! Not fast, but looks good going slow.

    Speaking of looking... I've been looking all over for Jonathan Wright, the "expert" racer. Maybe , I'll see him at Oak Hill? Not likely. Thus, I can only assume the above post was from a non-racing ghost.

    At least people have seen me ride.

    What does that say about a "expert racer" that's too scared to show up and race? I guess I should start referring to you as "Casper, the non-racing ghost".

    I'm sorry... I can barely hear you.

    As for you, Officer Jaybird... it was 110 in a 55 and the trail has been delayed till who knows when.
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    Re: "Bullet" bike in police chase

    Dem's skeered of Sherm....the judge saw him bringing in a stack of papers, white boards, scale models, TV monitor and a small mainframe computer to show the simulations and delayed.

    Oh, Shermy Shermy, Shermy.

    Just because I have a previous engagement that I relayed to all necessary parties well before OHR weekend does not mean that I am scared to race - quite the contrary my friend.

    As you well know, the yellow plates are coming off to be exchanged for white - so I ain't skeered.

    Just occupied.

    :insert finger icon here:
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