You MUST use a hose clamp to hold the filter and then wire the filter securely to your bike. K&N filters, too.

If you have the older side exhaust ZX636, The filter must be torqued to 18ft/lbs (really) before you slide the clamp on there. The stock Kawi clamp is NOT ACCEPTABLE, use an aftermarket one, just like everyone else. Wire the clamp to something secure FROM something secure.

DO NOT loop the safety wire around the metal band, it will not hold anything. wrap the safety wire around the worm gear or through a hole on the slack in the band.

DO NOT anchor the wire back or forward of the clamp. The wire should pull parallel to the clamp in a CLOCKWISE direction. If you do not know what that direction is, look at a clock for a few seconds and burn that image into your head. Safety wire has to be anchored at TWO points, don't loop the wire around the thing you are trying to secure, that's just silly an we will laugh at you about it.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, tell any of the tech inspectors that something 'passed that way all season!' You are hearby warned, anyone uttering these words will flunk out of tech immediately and will have to wait in line again, NO EXCEPTIONS. We're tired of it and you should know better. By the way, if I hear one other person tell me they will wire whatever after they change the tires, I'm going to explode. The rulebook clearly states that the bike must be ready to race BEFORE coming to tech.


Here it is, the definitive rule:

If you can not see the wire, we can not see the wire. If you have someone wire the bike for you, take a few minutes and look for yourself before coming to tech. Again, if you can not see it, we can not see it. As always, if you have a question about something, ask us first, before coming to tech. We will gladly explain it to you, once ou are in line, the time we can take to discuss something greatly affects the wait in line for everyone else.