View Full Version : Endurance Pre-Entries

Nancy Selleck
01-13-2004, 03:22 PM
I've received quite a few endurance pre-entries that are either missing rider signatures or have riders listed who don't have 2004 licenses. Some pre-entries are missing VIN numbers.

I am going to be sending these pre-entries back to the Team Owners to collect signatures and/or fill in missing VIN numbers, etc. Please contact new riders or those who have not renewed and make sure that they get their license applications in right away. The first endurance race is not until March, so there is plenty of time to fix these problems and return them to me. Original receipt dates will still be honored this time.

Last year I was lenient when it came to missing signatures and VIN numbers, allowing that information to be corrected at the track. But it was a hassle to run around trying to get the signatures and VIN numbers at the track, so I'm not going to do that this year. Please do not send pre-entries without all of the required information completed, because I'll just have to send it back to be filled in.

My suggestion is to fill out a pre-entry form, get all of the required signatures (do not sign the release for anyone other than yourself) and VIN numbers on it, leave the track and race date blank and then make 10 copies. Then each time you want to fax or mail in a pre-entry, all of the required info is already on it and you only have to fill in the correct track and race date.