View Full Version : BOD meeting minutes, 2004Nov20

11-21-2004, 07:08 PM
1) Voted to seat incoming board members.
2) Discussed - BOD responses to questions on the BBS for the BOD.
3) Discussed - Magazine writeups and representation.
4) Voted to present top 10 overall sprint riders with the number, to begin in '06.
5) Discussed - Rewriting the performance index for #1 plate, using top 4 classes, rider index in all classes, and a minimum number of race weekends attended.
6) Discussed - Try to utilize our data system to do a better job of promoting experts and retaining members.
7) Discussed - Relations with other clubs, promoting CMRA end of year event at TWS.
8) Discussed - CMRA relationship with ridesmart and LSTD.
9) Discussed - Friday track events before race weekends.
10) Voted Norm president, Steve Breen VP

Please note, discussed does not mean a vote was taken or the issue is done with by any means.

At this point, we were over our time, so the rest were briefly brought to attention, or quickly voted.

11) Shirt supplies look good, except Cornerworker tshirts
12) PACE is providing us an awesome new trailer
13) Relationship and licensing with TMGP
14) Bylaws are lawyered, need to be reviewed by the BOD and accepted.
15) Redflag questionaire results
16) OHR Paving loan, as well as OHR improvement fund. Indoor restrooms idea presented.
17) Increasing expert purses
18) First official meeting of '05 to be held Jan 9
19) Nancy very briefly presented first draft of Jan-Oct financials and difficulties in getting this together. An abreviated financials will be published to all members. More detail will be provided on an indiviual basis.

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