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FULL HOUSE FOR KELSEY @ Texas World Speedway

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Georgetown, Texas rider Danny S. Kelsey posted three wins, two second place finishes, and gained valuable championship points at Texas World Speedway during CMRA Sprint Championship racing action. The second round of the CMRA Sprint Championship Series provided a great opportunity for the team to continue development on the new Suzuki GSXR-1000 and refinement of its trusted GSXR-750. Races would be held with a record turnout for the CMRA, so competition would be tight.

The weekend was anticipated to be another chess match for Kelsey and rival Ty Howard as the two riders split wins at MSRH. Howard turned in the fastest time, while Kelsey was consistent and quick off the starting line as he began development of his Pirelli shod GSXR-1000 that he is preparing AMA Superbike competition.

Friday practice went well for the team despite a full track. Lone Star Track Days always seems to be able to make Friday practice sessions more effective for teams and riders despite the enormous turnout and the team was able to gain valuable setup information. The team discovered some good baseline settings for the Pirelli superbike slick shod Suzuki GSXR-1000 and was able to run as fast as 1:45.1 despite the intense traffic. This would be the first race weekend that the team had time to install all of the Dynojet components including the PCV, Autotune, and Ignition Module. The performance increase with the full compliment of Dynojet components was very noticeable. Crew chief Marcus McBain fine-tuned both Suzuki’s Saturday with new valving for the GSXR-750 JRi Shock and adjustments to their GP Suspension cartridges to complement new clutch setups for both team bikes.

As Sunday morning practice started, a cold front that moved through Saturday evening caused havoc for many racers and unfortunately the team itself as 38 degree temperatures and 40mph wind gusts created a treacherous and dangerous environment. The CMRA wisely postponed some of the schedule to allow the temperatures to come up. Unfortunately, Kelsey was one of over a dozen victims in turn nine during the morning and the team’s GSXR-750 was heavily damaged before the decision to take a break in the practice session(s) by the CMRA race director. The actual culprit in Turn 9 was likely dirt on the track as the high winds were blowing dirt/sand on the track. This combined with the cold temperatures made for a very difficult track condition.

Despite a destroyed master cylinder, throttle, clip-on, and windshield, McBain and Kelsey were able to complete repairs and mount a new set of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa DOT tires in less than an hour. In fact Kelsey was able to make the last practice session to get a “shake down” lap on the repaired Suzuki. The team was thankful for the great quality of its Vortex rear sets, Hotbodies Racing Bodyworkd, and the M4 Exhaust system which held up incredibly well!

Kelsey lined up for the start of the 750 Superstock race and jumped into the lead on lap one while ensuring the Suzuki would be “ready to run at the limit” after being repaired in the morning. The weather conditions showed almost all racers were 3-4 seconds off the “regular pace”. Kelsey however put the hammer down to turn the fast lap of the race on lap two with a 1:48.971 and was able to cruise to a 4.1 second win. The race was a relief for Kelsey as the winds were literally picking bikes up as they ran through turn one at over 120mph and to be able to safely race at the pace he was setting was a relief to the team as well as other racers.

Open Superstock would be Kelsey’s first opportunity to put the DP Brakes equipped GSXR-1000 through its race pace for Sunday. As the electronic lighting system started the race, Kelsey took the hole shot and began to immediately build a lead. Danny would again set the fastest lap of the race on lap two with a 1:47.661 en route to victory. With the weather conditions still not optimal, Kelsey rode conservatively as the entire field showed mother nature the respect she is entitled to.

Next up for Kelsey was Formula One. This would be first “face off” with rival Howard. Both of the crew chiefs (McBain and (Brandon) Spradling) knew the two riders would push each other and it was discussed by both how fast they would go. It was debated if they would get into the 1:45's despite the difficult conditions. As the green flag dropped, Kelsey lead off the line and fought to get any type of gap on second place. As lap two completed, Kelsey was in second shadowing Howard. Both riders were shown running in the 1:44’s and quickly separating themselves from third place. The high speed chess match continued with Kelsey taking the lead entering turn one as the crossed flags were shown. Kelsey fought to maintain the point trying to put the race on ice, but Howard was pushing the Georgetown, Texas rider through turn 7 and 8. Kelsey surrendered the lead to Howard on lap 8. Kelsey worked to draft back into the lead, but came up 0.059 seconds short.

Kelsey would be facing Howard and most of the hungry Formula One racers in just a few races as most of the field was scheduled for a rematch in the Open Superbike class. Kelsey provided critical input to make changes and up his pace. The main culprit was the Suzuki GSXR-1000 would not turn once it started running in the low 1:44 range.

As the green flag dropped for the Open Superbike, Kelsey entered turn one in second place behind Howard. Danny moved to the point in turn five and clicked off an amazing 1:47.835 from a standing start to complete lap one. Kelsey continued to set the pace and posted a 1:43.6 on lap two. On lap 3, Kelsey surrendered the lead in Turn 8 to Howard. Kelsey shadowed Howard for the final lap and a half, and waited to make a draft move on the final lap. As the two riders entered the front straight for the checkers, Danny put down his best drive of the day on the banking, but came up 0.089 seconds short of victory. Kelsey was frustrated with the result, but also realized the team was able to get the big Suzuki 1000 working amazingly well despite treacherous conditions that claimed many riders during the weekend’s racing.

“I am really excited about what we got accomplished today with the development of our bike. There are only a handful of riders that have ever run a 1:43 pace or faster at TWS. Most of them have been top National riders. For us to get that done on our second weekend of riding this bike in this weather is just flat out amazing. It speaks volumes for Danny and our sponsor’s products that he accomplished the lap times he did”, observed crew chief Marcus McBain.

Despite the exhaustion of the day’s races, Kelsey lined up for 750 Superbike to complete his busy Sunday schedule. In the race, Danny took the lead on lap one and posted a 1:45.7 on lap two to put the race on ice and take a comfortable third victory for the day. The three wins and two runner-up spots stretched Kelsey’s lead for the CMRA #1 plate.

Danny Kelsey will continue to contest the entire CMRA series in his efforts to regain the number one plate. The team would not be able to compete at this level without the special efforts of KMC Controls, RS Taichi, Pirelli, Dynojet, Vortex, Motoliberty, South Central Race Center, Motopia, M4 Exhausts, DP Brakes, K’s Motorsports, GP Suspension, JRi Shocks, Lone Star Track Days, Shoei Helmets, Hotbodies Racing, Silkolene, WRW Racing, Chicken Hawk Racing. Kelsey will resume racing action at Eagles Canyon Raceway during the third round of CMRA Sprint Championship Action.

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  1. Paul Coste's Avatar
    Great report. The video you posted was even better.

    Thanks for the great racing!
  2. marcus mcbain's Avatar
    Thanks Paul. It was a little late...this 3 weeks between races is kind of hard especially when we are fixing crashed bikes!
    Updated 04-09-2013 at 03:16 AM by marcus mcbain