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Paul Coste

Privateer Tools take 6th at NOLA BBE SBCE

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So let me get this straight. A CMRA race in an awesome city at a world class facility? Count us in!

Wow, what a fantastic facility! Loved the track, loved the locals, loved the crowd.

In contrast to all of the positives, it seems that the racing gremlins decided it was our turn for a visit. We overcame many minor issues over the course of the race.

We started out the race with high hopes resting on Brad’s shoulders. He got us off to a great start before getting involved in a low speed racing incident. After sorting out a bent rotor and some off kilter controls, I got on the bike with the intention of clicking off some steady laps. The bike was pretty hard to turn, my hand was going numb, and my right knee kept feeling different every time I touched it down in a turn. I figured it was just my inexperience with the track. Later, I would find that my puck was not in good condition.

After an hour on the bike, I was ready to try out Olay’s new pit toy:

While I was cooling off, Olay took his first turn on the bike. Despite the fact that our clip-ons had been inadvertently adjusted to point in a solid right turn, Olay steadily had us climbing the leader board. Olay compared our clip on postion to a cruiser…so we made some adjustments and a tire change. We sent out Mike on fresh rubber ready to test out the “sport” mode of the clip ons.

As usual, Mike cranked off an hour of fast and steady lap times without incident, handing the bike off to Sean . Sean had some great battles with lap traffic before handing the bike off to Brad and Olay for our final “one-two” punch of the race. We are very happy with our final finish of 6th in class and 11th overall. Our team came together to recover from small problems the entire race.

What a great weekend with fantastic memories. Many of our family members made it down for the race. I’m starting to feel spoiled because we have so many “extended pit crew” members that I feel like a pro. I get help with my leathers, drinks, food as well as encouragement and assistance packing up at the end of the day. We thank our families for not only supporting us, but for enjoying this great club along side us.

Privateer Tools would like to thank their sponsors: M4 Exhaust, USB Consulting


  1. Ben Gooding's Avatar
    That Sean guy is a ROCKSTAR!