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Tom Anderson

Two-stroke Triumviate Take Top Three in Solo 30

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During another action packed race, Taylor Myers, Ryan Warren, and Nick Doolan showed everyone what a finely (and finally), well dressed, GP chassis, 2-stroke, proper race bike can do at Hallett's grand course.
The weekend started on Friday with practice, or the lack thereof. Nick Doolan had a really hard time with his RS65 and only got a couple of laps, literally. With his Pop Steve McNamara, and his fleet of recruited mechanics, the real race was on to find a solution for Nick's locked up power plant. Enlisting the help of Mitch Williams, Mike Myers, and two-time World Champion and MotoGP star Colin Edwards, resources and wrenches came together to pull an all-night miracle in the Oklahoma paddock. Gaining practice for Nick was now going to be the challenge as Friday night ended and the team could only look forward to Saturday practice.
When the green flag dropped for the Solo 30 race, the three GP pilots perfumed the air with bean oil and gasoline products of combustion and never looked back. Taylor Myers took the lead and would not allow anything else to materialize for the other racers. As this seems to be a trend for the young Montgomery Texas racer, Ryan Warren put his helmet under the paint to try to run with the white Yamaha livery clad speedster. Stretching out more gap lap after lap, Taylor secured another win as he pulled off his hat-trick during this fourth Solo 30 round. Taylor and company lapped the field twice during this race, but the three ended on the same lap to finish Myers, Warren, Doolan in 17 laps.
Myers' riding and racing is reminiscent of his mentor and his father. Smooth, predictable, and an uncanny ability to have complete control of the motorcycle no matter the conditions. Late braking and carrying a ton of corner speed with an early throttle keeps the Texas Tornado Boot Camp protege' up front early and often. This young man has the talent and has shown his ability by decimating the field for the last three races. While not yet an F5 "Tornado" like his mentor, he is definitely a funnel cloud!
Doolan is not the one to give up any laps to his friend and team mate Myers. Despite all the problems and after long hours of hard work from his Dad and friends, Nick placed a respectable 3rd to stay atop the field in Formula 5. "Nicky D" is just nine points ahead of the elder statesman Warren, and 24 points in front of Myers. After opening the series with a win in the slick conditions in Angleton, you can bet that Doolan is going to bring it on for the remaining rounds to best Ryan and Taylor for the rest of the season. While this young man has the ability to win a championship without winning another race, it's a sure bet that winning the rest of the races this season is exactly what he will set out to do.
The same can be said about Ryan Warren. Determination seems to be this young man's modus operandi. A capable mechanic, it's not unusual to see Warren turning his own wrenches prior to races and while tuning his bike. Easy to surmise that Ryan, being the most experienced road racer among the three, will have plenty in the bag for the two younger racers.
Following this 3 for the rest of the season is going to be a great show! Undoubtedly this Solo 30 series will come down to the last race to see who finishes first through third. Every one of these young men will gladly relegate the others to lesser finishing positions when given the chance, and it's safe to understand that is going to happen with a simple mistake by any one of them.
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