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Tom Anderson

Taylor Myers wins close race in F5 Solo 30 at TWS

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In what appeared to be the closest race of the day for the overall win in Solo 30, Taylor Myers and Nick Doolan battled from the drop of the green to the wave of the checker. Back and forth action in the infield section of the TWS chicanes and down the front straight gave spectators a real show from these talented youngsters!
In round 1, Nick Doolan provided wet-weather instructional course for everyone as he battled (at the end) with Linz Leard to grab the overall win there. This weekend, Taylor Myers brought his Hondsakiha (Honda RS frame, Kawasaki engine, retro Yamaha paint scheme) and his determination to win with him in order to properly battle Doolan with similar machinery in dry conditions. Taylor and Nick looked like one motorcycle when watching from the infield or stands as they thrashed through turns 1 and 2. To many, they appeared to be so much faster mid-corner than the other Solo 30 combatants, one may argue that they were a pair or liter bikes in a sea of SVs.
Though the lead changed many times during the race, and some paint (and fiberglass) was sacrificed by both young men in this battle (so much for new fresh paint jobs!), Taylor Myers was the one to emerge victorious. With about a half second gap to Nick Doolan in 2nd, and Nick's ability to run in front just as well, Myers' win was anything but comfortable.
As is always the case with these two young men, after the race they shook hands and exchanged their versions of the race in good humor as well as healthy camaraderie.
Look for these two at Eagles Canyon to continue this battle. In addition, you'll find these two as team mates as the SMRC Race Team owners provide the pair with another RS framed CR85 engine platform for endurance.
Photo of Taylor Myers and his RS65

YouTube video of the race:
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