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Thread: BOD meeting 1/9/2005 quick summary.

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    BOD meeting 1/9/2005 quick summary.

    Agenda discussed:
    1) Financials review and acceptance - Complete through Dec 31, 2004. One minor change. We'll have this available for member review soon.

    2) Oak Hill restrooms and showers - Getting quotes next week, trying to have completed by first race weekend.

    3) Rider Relief fund - Terminated due to legal liability risk. CMRA STRONGLY RECOMMENDS racers have their own insurance. BOD Investigating alternatives, including castrophic accident insurance and other formal "aid" funds.

    4) Track Day Rider School - Committee formed to review schools. Track days welcome to teach CMRA curriculum, must pass on $50 fee to CMRA.
    Instructors to be licensed by CMRA committee, not track day organization. I.E. Schwantz, Pridmore etc will be the licensed instructor to sign off, not the "Schwantz school" or "STAR school". Must sign hold harmless agreement. Periodic checks to verify quality.

    5) Bylaws - Updates reviewed, final copy to be generated and voted on this week.

    6) Mentor programs - Prov novs to have their own pre-riders meeting meeting. Experts encouraged to donate one or two weekends to help them out.

    7) Major updates to rulebook:
    7a) expert money classes expanded to include all non-combined classes
    $1000 Forumla 1 (1st-8th)
    $500 C-ss and Ltw twins (1st-5th)
    $250 B-sb, 125gp, sp motard, F4 (1st-3rd)
    $100 for the rest non-combined classes (1st-3rd)
    7b) Top 10 numbers to be assigned based on points on best 3 finishes in the following classes:
    All SuperStock and Superbike
    Formula 1 and 2
    LW and HW twins.
    Actually running the number is optional as old 2 and 3 digit numbers will also be valid.
    7c) see mentor program above
    7d) endurance ties settled based on number of miles for the season, NOT finishes.
    7e) All riders in CMRA must have valid cmra license, or a committee approved sanctioning body license (i.e. AMA, WERA). Also, TMGP riders must take CMRA school and purchase license due to vast differences in programs at this point (i.e. speed differentials, class structures, no formal school)
    7f) points system unchanged for '05
    7g) lots of little improvements and restructuring of rulebook by Bill Syfan.

    8) PACE Trailers title sponsorship to be moved to Formula 1. Check out the new 30footer they replaced the old trailer with.

    9) Promotions - better promoting club sponsors, giving proper credit to those who give to the club.

    10) USGPRU final at Oct 1/2 TWS approved.

    11) Class title sponsorship

    12) Rookie experts- To be tracked in database against other rookie experts. Rookie expert points system published in seperate field. #1 rookie expert for year to be recognized.

    Please email me, (or any BOD member) with questions or comments.

    Jesse Johnson

    BBS admin

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    Re: BOD meeting 1/9/2005 quick summary.

    To answer an important question:

    The Injured Riders Fund is a seperate account from the general fund. It will be held there until we decide how to use it for the benefit of the riders.

    We are investigating alternative options and hope to have something soon.
    Jesse Johnson

    BBS admin

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