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Thread: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

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    Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    I am slightly in a fog here...

    If we were to pit RS50 superbike against NS50 superbike, what would we have to do to a stock YSR to make it competitive?

    Would 60cc and a pipe be fair? or would that give too much advantage to the wheezer?

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    And carb or stock carb?

    I don't think the stock carb would do it but
    aftermarket carb, pipe and 60cc would be more then equal. Just look at John Casely's
    WRW racing machine. I've actually riden it and
    it's VERY potent.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    So if we let the weezers run a pipe and any carb, but limit them to 51cc, they should be right there even with the NS50 and Priller 50s in superbike trim?

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    I've never been on a NS superbike & I can't recall racing against any at the 6hr, but the Aprilia superbikes are pretty close with the ysr60's.

    24mm carb kit, a Wiseco 59cc big-bore piston kit (44mm), have your cylinder bored & cleaned up, have the head set up, and a good pipe. That'll bring that puppy to life.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    woops, I didn't notice who was asking... you're trying to sort the rules. A pipe and carb on a 51cc ysr won't be any match for the bigwheel superbikes.

    As far as the ysr60 goes they're a good match up with the bigwheel bikes. At the recent Denton event (TMGP) out of the top 4 overall teams, 2 were on ysr60's and 2 were on Aprilia superbikes... 1st place was a ysr60, I think the superbike Aprilia RS50 was 2nd, ysr60 in 3rd, and big-bore Aprilia RS68 in 4th.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    Actually the top two 60's at the Denton race were water cooled KX60's and not YSR 60's. Hizoot that was winning until they crashed have had a lot of tuning done on their bike while TMGP who won the overall is a stock KX60 that I think is actually kind of worn out.

    WRW was the only YSR 60 that I know of that was there but they couldn't hang with the Arpilia 50 that had work done to it- that bike was about as fast as the TMGP bike.

    From my experience I would say a YSR 60 with a pipe, carb and other work will still be slower than an Aprilia 50 that has only had porting work. If you are going to combine the YSR's with the Honda's and Aprilia's then to make it even close then the YSR needs to be a superbike while the others need to remain stock except for some porting work. Even with that I still think the YSR will be at a disadvantage.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed


    email me at I am on a conference call this second but would like to talk. I will give you my call number or can contact you if your local to Houston

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    The YSR's would need to be 60cc and the
    big wheels 50cc's (or 51.? cc, biggest stock repair bore respectively)

    As far as the WRW big being slower it had a bit of a rusty rider on it half the time. The sprints
    on Sunday when John was riding it he was zinging
    like normal.

    As with any mini rider skill comes WAY into play for a good lap time.

    A slow rider on a way zippy bike is still goin gto go slower then a fast rider on a mediocer bike. The Hallet 2 hr was a perfect example.
    Chris Reed was on a BOX STOCK NS 50 and
    was all over everybody during that first hour
    melay. The bike ran well but he is a VERY good
    rider which made it go even faster.

    Remember this whole rule making thing is about parity. If your skills need improving
    or if you need to learn to tune your bike thats
    your problem but you shouldn't be ran away from
    by a bike that is making way more power or
    handles way better because of the way the rules are written.

    All things being equal a YSR 60, NS 50 and
    aprilia 50 are all in the same ball park with
    rider skill and tuning ability being the variables.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    They're all pretty close...

    As I remember from the start of the 4hr at Denton, John C. battled back and forth with the top3 teams for the first 30-45 minutes of the race so all of the superbikes are pretty close in hp.

    The rider is the most important part of the equation.

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    Re: Aprillia RS 50 VS NS50 VS YSR HELP needed

    OK thats what I was thinking originally.

    Now let's bring in the TTR125.
    It should be a fair contest with 125cc 4 strokes added in, right?
    What do we need to limit on the TTR to make them even?

    (There will be another class above this with Aprilia RS68, RGP 60cc, and motard up to 160cc)

    If Hallet is an example, and the NSR50 was box stock, then a superbike NSR50 should be comparible to at least a superstock TTR (With wheels)...

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