If a <span style="font-weight: bold">CMRA MEMBER </span>needs to contact another CMRA member you can contact me with <span style="font-weight: bold">your full name </span>and contact info including phone, preferably by email a&#108;&#97;n&#64;&#99;m&#114;&#97;r&#97;&#99;i&#1 10;&#103;.&#99;&#111;m .

I'll forward your mail to the person you seek so they can get back to you if they choose. I'll even call 'em if I don't have an email address or if email is kicked-back.

Most / many would prefer this approach rather than folks posting contact info on the forum in response to a query. If they wanted that info known they'd make it available via their profile page which can be viewed by Members [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/wink.gif[/img]

I will not provide this service to requestors not on my 2002-current member database.