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Thread: CLOSED - MSR July 7/6-7/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tia Berry View Post
    Is Barry ok? He never waits this long to confirm sign-ups.
    Good question!

    Curious to know if you have all the CW'ers you need.

    This is why I use a MB instead of email. You guys are basically in once you post. I monitor it from hotel rooms and airports for questions. It is just not always convienent to answer unfortunately.

    Next post for status.
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    CW Status

    Saturday - I still could use about 10 people

    Sunday - FULL - NO OPENINGS.

    !!!!!!!!! I am not sure if I can answer posts again before Friday 7/5. If you post for SATURDAY after this post and are one of the 10 I need ( just count above you if you are not sure) consider yourself in.
    If you post for SUNDAY and fail to read this, sorry, I am full.
    I will check this again by FRIDAY afternoon.
    ”The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Chinese Proverb

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    Ashlie Frenchak

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    Corner Working

    I am requesting to sign up Shelby Pohler for corner working on both Saturday AND Sunday for cash.


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    Barry, add three Whitley's for Saturday.

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    A very dear friend passed away this week and I have a funeral to attend and will NOT be able to cover my corners this weekend in Cressen! My apologies but hopefully someone else that needed/wanted to work can fill my slot. Would've liked to see everyone again, NOLA was a BLAST! Maybe race #7?

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    Robert nichols

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    Sitter feel through on me. No racing or CW for me this weekend So sorry to leave yall hanging with so many spots needing to be filled.

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    Corner Working - College Station

    I am requesting to sign up Shelby Pohler to corner work on Saturday & Sunday of Texas Worlds in College Station for Cash please.

    Thanks, Jolene Rogers

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    Hi Jolene,

    You'll have to wait until Barry opens the new thread specifically for TWS...
    Nancy Selleck
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